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What is XKit for?

What is XKit for?

A lot! See for yourself!

XKit is made of small other extensions, called "XKit Extensions". You can disable, enable or delete extensions from the My XKit panel, or download new ones with one-click from the XKit Extension Gallery.

Current extensions

Here is a list of all the currently available extensions.
You can install these on your XKit today. And more are being added all the time.

Most of these extensions have multiple functions, for example, Tweaks has the option to wrap the tags, slim-ify your sidebar, hide the things you don't want to see and much more, all in one extension.
This extension lets you see when a post was made, in full date or relative time (eg: 5 minutes ago). It also works on asks, and you can format your timestamps.
See when a post has been made.
One-Click Postage
Lets you easily reblog, draft and queue posts
These are small little tweaks that allows you customize your dashboard. If you have used XKit 6, you will notice that some of the extensions have been moved here as options you can toggle. Keep in mind that some of the tweaks (the ones marked with a '*') can slow down your computer.
Various little tweaks for your dashboard.
Tags on Sidebar
Shows your tracked tags on your sidebar
This extension adds a 'view' button on peoples blogs that allows you to go back to that post on your dashboard. This feature only works on the blogs you follow. If the post was made before you followed them, you might not see them on your dashboard when you click the view button.
View a post on a blog on your dashboard.
This extension adds your blogs on the top of the page, so you can easily switch between blogs. The blog limit on the header is five, but you can limit this to three blogs and turn off the blog title bubble from the settings.
Header Options
Customize the header.
Go to your queue and click on the Shuffle button on the sidebar to shuffle the posts. Note that only the posts you see will be shuffled. If you have more than 15 posts on your queue, scroll down and load more posts in order to shuffle them too. Or click on Shrink Posts button to quickly rearrange them.
Enhanced Queue
Additions to the Queue page.
XInbox allows you to tag posts before posting them, and see all your messages at once, and lets you delete multiple messages at once using the Mass Editor mode. To use this mode, go to your Inbox and click on the Mass Editor Mode button on your sidebar, click on the messages you want to delete then click the Delete Messages button.
Enhances your Inbox experience
Know those lines that appear when you reblog someone, when Tumblr quotes them? Sometimes, when a lot of people talk on the same post, it might be hard to keep track of those. This extension changes the color of each line (or their background, depending on your preferences) so you can read and differentiate them faster.
Color Quotes
Colored quotes for the dash
To use this extension, hover over a notification and click on the Reply button. If Multi-Reply is on, hold down the ALT key while clicking on the Reply button to select/deselect posts and reply to all of them at once.
One-Click Reply
Lets you reply to notifications
This is a very simple extension that simply redirects your search requests to the old Tumblr tag search pages. Note that features of the new search page, such as multiple tag search will not work when this extension is enabled.
Classic Search
Get the old search back
Reblog Yourself
Allows you to reblog posts back to your blog
To use this extension, go to the 'Following' page on your dashboard, and click on the 'Post My Crushes' button below your Tumblr Crushes.
Post Crushes
Lets you share your Tumblr Crushes
This extension allows you to download audio posts as MP3 files on your computer. Please note that it only works on audio hosted on Tumblr. If they were posted from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube or any other service, it won't work.
Audio Downloader
Lets you download audio posts hosted on Tumblr
A free spirit Japanese cat for your dashboard.
It is based on the Neko application by Kenji Gotoh.
One live cat for your dashboard
This extension replaces both XPreview and Only Replies extensions of XKit 6. Using this, you can hover over notifications to get post notes, and toggle the option that dims non-reply notifications.
Enhances the notifications
This extension extends your dashboard to fit the screen. It this an experimental extension, and no support for it provided yet.
Widescreen dashboard
This extension allows you to read 'Read More' posts without leaving your dash. Just click on the 'Read More Now!' button on posts and XKit will automatically load and display the post on your dashboard.
Read More Now
Read Mores in your dash
This extension allows you to see new posts on your dashboard without refreshing the page. When you get the New Posts bubble, click on the Tumblr logo, and new posts will appear on your dashboard.

If you still want to refresh the page completely (perform a Hard Refresh), hold the ALT key while clicking on logo and the page will refresh.

Please note that this extension is highly experimental, and might not work properly all the time.
Soft Refresh
Refresh without refreshing
This extension allows you to block posts based on the words you specify. If a post has the text you've written in the post itself or it's tags, it will be replaced by a warning, or won't be shown on your dashboard, depending on your settings.
Clean your dash
No Sidebar
Disables the blog preview sidebar.
The Bookmarker extension allows you to bookmark posts and get back to them whenever you want to. Just click on the Bookmark icon on posts and the post will be added to your Bookmark List on your sidebar.
Dashboard Time Machine
This post allows you to always reblog text posts as text posts, and not as links.
Reblog As Text
Text posts remain text
This extension allows you to hide text and answer posts by an user while still seeing their other posts. Useful if a blogger has nice posts but a bad personality. Please note that you'll need to re-mute them if a user changes their URL.
Better than 'shut up!'
This extension, when enabled, hides photo posts until you hover over them. Useful to browse Tumblr in a workspace or in public, and not worry about NSFW stuff appearing. You can also set it to hide avatars and not show non-text posts at all. To activate or disable it, click on the CleanFeed button on your sidebar. It will remember it's on/off setting.
Browse safely in public
Provides accessibility tools for XKit and your dashboard, such as increased font sizes, more contrast on icons and more.
Accessibility tools for Tumblr
This extension adds additional options to the user menu (the one that appears under user avatars on your dashboard), such as Avatar Magnifier, links to their Liked Posts page if they have them enabled. Note that this extension, especially the Show Likes and Show Submit options use a lot of network and might slow your computer down.
User Menus+
More options on the user menu
Makes the Follow button on people's blogs glow if they are following you and you are not following them. Before proceeding, please keep in mind that sometimes, ignorance is bliss.
Glowing Follow
Glowing plusses on blogs
Warning: This is an experimental extension, and might cause problems. Please do not install if you are uncomfortable with this.

Open In Tabs allows you to open links on new tabs, useful if you don't like being confined to one tab. Since some links, if opened in new tabs, can break functionality, they are not effected by this extension.
Open In Tabs
Changes links to open in new tabs
J/K Across Pages
Allow Tumblr's J/K navigation to move between pages
Automatically scrolls the dashboard. Scrolling stops upon clicking outside the control.
Auto Scroll
Scrolls the page at a variable pace.
This extension allows you to install themes from the XKit Theme Gallery onto your dashboard. New themes are added regularly, and if you are good with CSS, send an ask to xkit-dev.tumblr.com to get your theme added here!
Themes for your dashboard
This extension shortens long posts, so if you are interested, you can just click on Show Full Post button to see it all, or scroll down if you are not interested. Useful for screens where long posts take a lot of space, and making it hard to scroll down.

By default, this extension only shortens text posts. You can toggle the setting to let it shorten the photo posts too. (This will 'cut off' long, vertical posts.)
Shorten Posts
Makes scrolling easier
If you are good with CSS, hop in and make your own theme.

When installed, this extension disables the standard Themes extension, and adds a button on your sidebar on your dashboard that lets you write and load your own theme. When you are done, you can submit it to xkit-dev.tumblr.com so it can be added to the theme gallery.

This extension is not recommended for people without CSS/HTML experience and only provided for XKit theme developers. Please disable Themes and Yoohoo! extensions before using. For better editing, Textarea Code Formatter for Chrome or Tabinta for Firefox is recommended.
Theme Editor
For theme developers
The cousin of Blacklister, this extension highlights posts depending on the words you decide. When a word you add is found on a post, the post will get a yellow-ish background.
Don't miss things
This extension allows you to select multiple posts by once, by type or month. It also comes with visual enhancements for the mass post editor, such as selected post count and more!
Enhancements for the Mass Editor
Scroll To Bottom
Scroll to the bottom of long lists, like the post queue.
This extension stores and lets you view the last 50 asks you've answered privately. Please keep in mind that this is a highly experimental extension, so if you hit a bug, please send the XKit blog an ask with the problem you've found.
Saves your sent replies, fan mail and asks.
This is an experimental extension that blocks posts you don't like on your dashboard. When you block a post, it will be hidden completely, including reblogs of it.
Block the posts you don't like
Alternative Timestamps
Adds timestamps to dashboard posts using a parsing method instead of AJAX calls. English tumblr interface only for now.
This is an extension that brings back the notifications to your blog pages (ie: www.tumblr.com/blog/xkit-extension), just the way it was before Tumblr's Activity update. You can select the number of notifications displayed.
Classic Notifications
Notifications where they were
This extension brings a couple of tweaks for the Activity page, such as the ability to filter notes by type and showing timestamps.
Tweaks for the Activity page
XCloud stores your XKit configuration on STUDIOXENIX servers so you can back up your data and synchronize it with other computers and browsers easily.
Sync XKit data on clouds
Dims the posts on the dashboard that you've already seen on previous page loads.
Read Posts
Dim old posts
This extension allows you to see what tags people added to a post while they reblogged it. It also provides access to the post, and to Tumblr search pages to find similar posts.

Based on the work of inklesspen
View post tags easily
This extension allows you to automatically add tags to posts based on state (reblogged, original, queued) or post type (audio, video, etc) and keeping original tags while reblogging a post.
Auto Tagger
Tags posts automatically.
Allows you to create tag bundles and add tags to posts without leaving the dashboard.
Quick Tags
Quickly add tags to posts
Enhancements for Drafts page
Widgets for your dashboard
One post got way too popular and now just annoying you? Click on the notification block icon on that post to hide the notifications from that post. If you have Go-To-Dash installed, you can click on a notification, then click View button on top-right corner to quickly go back to the post on your dashboard.
Blocks notifications from a post
Enhancements for the Audio Player
Select Profiler option from the User Menu to see information such as when they started blogging, how many posts they have, timezone, and more.

Requires User Menus+ to be installed.
The User Inspection Gadget
This extension allows you to turn the 'encrypted' links that people can send you using asks to clickable ones.
Convert Links
Clickable links on asks
Used to mass unlike posts or delete drafts. Please use with caution, especially Mass Unlike part is extremely experimental.
Mass Deleter
Mass unlike likes / delete drafts
Blog Tracker lets you track blogs like you can track tags. Add them on your dashboard, and it will let you know how many new posts they've made the last time you've checked their blogs, or if they've changed their URLs.
Blog Tracker
Track people like tags
This is a really experimental extension allows you see original (non-reblogged) posts made by users on your dashboard. Please keep in mind that if you don't have enough people creating new posts on your dashboard, it might slow down your computer.
Show Originals
Only shows non-reblogged posts
This is a preview version of an extension, missing most features due to legal/technical reasons for now. It lets you view the last 20 posts a person has made on their blogs right on your dashboard. If you have User Menus+ installed, you can also access it from their user menu under their avatar.
View On Dash
View blogs on your dash
This is a very early preview version of an extension that allows you to stop the GIFs from playing on your dashboard. If you still would like to view them, you can click on the Play button on the post. Please note that for now, this extension can't stop GIFs added to text posts.
Disable Gifs
Stops GIFs on dashboard
This extension allows you to view statistics regarding your dashboard, such as the percentage of post types, top 4 posters, and more. In the future, it will allow you to view statistics regarding your and others blogs.
The XKit Statistics Tool
The close relative of TagViewer, this extension allows you to see what replies, answers and additional content added to it while reblogging on any post.
View post replies easily
View My Tags
Lets you view your recently used tags
This extension places the reblog/like/reply/etc buttons on the top of the post. It is unsupported, and might cause problems with your dashboard. Please use with caution.
Places the post buttons on top
This is a very experimental extension that lets you search the posts you've liked by URL or text. Just go to your likes page, then click on Search button to get started.
Search Likes
Lets you search likes
Automator for XKit: lets you create little Servants that does tasks for you when the conditions you've set are met.
XKit Personal Assistant
A simple extension that puts a divider showing where you left off on your dashboard.
Where were we again?
Allows you to bulk replace tags of posts. Go to your Posts page on your dashboard and click on the button on the sidebar and enter the tag you want replaced, and the new tag, and Tag Replacer will take care of the rest.
Tag Replacer
Replace old tags!
Find Blogs
Lets you find similar blogs
This extension removes the "gray box" that appears on the photos attached to non-photo posts, allowing the photos to load automatically without you having to click on them.
Auto Load Images
Load inline photos automatically
This extension lets you find the blog that haven't been updated for over 30 days. Just go to list of blogs you follow, then click on "Find Inactive Blogs" button below your Crushes to get started.
Find Inactives
Find the inactive blogs you follow
Shows you how many posts you can reblog today.
Post Limit Checker
Are you close to the limit?
Some people on your dashboard posting a lot? Limit people limits how many consecutive posts by the same person appear on your dashboard at once. If a user makes more than 2 consecutive posts, the rest will be hidden until you click on a button to show them.
Limit People
Limit the appearance of blogs on dash
Post Archiver lets you save posts to your XKit.

Found a good recipe? Think those hotline numbers on that signal boost post might come in handy in the future?

Click on the save button, then click on the My Archive button on your sidebar anytime to access those posts. You can also name and categorize posts.
Post Archiver
Never lose a post again.
Themes+ lets you customize your dashboard to your liking by letting you choose the colors, the images and options yourself. You can also export and import the themes you and others made. Please note that this is the preview edition, so it's lacking some functionality.
Themes+ (preview)
Customize More
This extension replaces words like 'reblogged your post' with an icon, making notifications easier to notice and frees up space for the post summary.
Iconified Notifications
Differentiate Notifications
This extension removes recommended posts from your dashboard. To remove Recommended Blogs on the sidebar, please use Tweaks extension.
No Recommended
Removes recommended posts
Adds tags to reblog notes

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